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Artist Statement


My artistic fervor is driven by intuitive decisions. I believe creativity is what happens to all of us when the spark of inspiration is ignited, the sparks are always present, mine are always “lit” and I need to create as often as possible.  I am an abstract, expressionistic, some figurative, semi-disciplined and most times frantic painter. I do stray to other mediums as the mood strikes, sometimes mixing mediums, but back to painting to keep me grounded.

I work quickly, more to satisfy the desire to create than because of time restraints, although there is never enough time.  I do not have the end result in mind as this would ruin the dynamic between me and my creations.   I do not like to permanently part with anything I have created unless it belongs with someone who feels the energy that is the work

My paintings are reworked many times over, an intuitive process. I am a colorist, intense color is a very moving component and I am careful not to override this with shape and content. Color comes first. Subtle lighting will enhance the vibrancy of my paintings.

I feel what I am painting, then I look at what I am feeling and decide if I want to dig deeper – change course or just embellish with as light a heart as possible.

About the Artist


Donna Wojciks studio is located in Clarence NY. Her artwork has been shown in local and on line galleries, restaurants, hotels, corporate displays and private residences. With over 30 years experience as a business executive, Donna has made it a priority to be active in the art of creation: programs, processes, fresh views always with the intent to make a significant and positive impact.


As owner/operator of various financial based businesses she has enjoyed the creative opportunities in the marketing & advertising arena's, along with the design and excecution of professional presentations and promotional pieces. This experience has enabled her to engage in website development, video production, interior design, mural design, along with a myriad of other creative endeavors.


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